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a seasonal shift

The snow is outside, but here -inside our home we’ve got spring vibes! A seasonal shift from winter to spring. I’m all here for it. Bring it on!

signs of spring

I still have some flowers blooming from last weeks shoot so I’d thought I’d shoot some overhead photos today. I’ve also shot some video (happy dance). I don’t know why but these simple little videos make me so happy! 

It started yesterday. The sun shining into the house, the light that hung around a little bit longer than the week before. It’s a feeling that comes over me that says ‘spring is coming’. Cierra (my daughter) felt it too. She’s started Spring Cleaning. I haven’t gone that far but I am in the mood. Today sitting with the sun to my side, surrounded by flowers, drinking my tea (with lemon tartelettes bonne maman) felt so spring like.

Are there memorable moments you have when the season shifts? I always feel like spring is HERE when I see butterflies. Oh and that first breeze that is still chilly but has a hint of warmth —that’s a seasonal shift moment that gives me goosebumps! 

I’m so looking forward to creating more stock photos (and video) for you! 

Keep an eye on this space for the free stock photos from this series. As we speak a few of the 32 videos I shot today are being processed over on Pexels where you can download them for free ♥

You can find the videos and photos from this shoot here

Have a good evening or day depending on where you’re located! Hmmm where are you located?


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