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A Walk Along the Kralingse Plas in Rotterdam. Capturing Quiet & Light

Capturing the evening sunlight

Earlier this week I biked with Ivo through the woods and along the lake in the Kralingse Bos & Plas. I didn’t have the camera with me and knew I had to go back soon in the evening to try and capture that light!

This evening was my first attempt at capturing light leaks.

I’ve always loved having those amazing rays of sunshine on photographs, and I have taken many photos with the sun shining through the leaves, flowers –whatever. However tonight was the first attempt with the purpose of creating light leaks. Some people don’t like them, I do! And it is one thing for me to capture the shots I like that contain like leaks, flares and all those bokeh bubbles, it’s another thing to try and understand how I’m capturing them. I really want to up my game and get more technical.

See my progress…

Kralingse Plas + Bos Rotterdam, Visual Stories Micheile Henderson

This image shows what I mean with bokeh bubbles.

Am I pleased? Yes, though some of the photo’s didn’t turn out (not sharp). I’m not so concerned though, that I can improve. 

I’m going to try and get some more of these types of shots, but then with better compositions, and sharper. For now I’m happy. They’ve only been slightly edited –straightened, color corrections etc.).

One more day and our staycation here in Rotterdam begins! Two weeks of doing whatever we want!

We’re going next weekend to Twente to have our portraits taken with the family. The lovely Evgeniia Kiive will be photographing us. Her work is beautiful and I’m so thrilled we were able to book her this year!


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Each step of the way 💕

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Thanks for stopping by. Let me know if you’re interested in a photo walk here in the Rotterdam area (South Holland…).


Take care!