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I’m Micheile (mee – shell), a Californian gone Dutch. In 1995 I, together with my then 5 year old daughter Cierra moved to The Netherlands. I now live with my boyfriend Ivo & our two cats, Neko & Pandora in Rotterdam. Cierra is living in the picturesque city of Amersfoort.
Photography is a way of expressing myself. I’m always chasing light. I think light can turn the ordinary into something special. Photography allows me to tap into my creativity —to create, capture and tell visual stories.

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Featured in Ariadne at Home, Alles Brocante, Gatherings Magazine, and Daphne’s Diary.

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Buzz Feed, Adobe Spark, Unfolded, WIX, Trello, Figma, Lightricks, Elle, Notion, Instructure, Happinez, Daphne’s Diary, Nu, Alles Brocante and more.