A few random things about me

I live in Rotterdam in The Netherlands. I'm originally from Sonoma, California (USA).

I have a daughter, Cierra (29), and I live with my boyfriend Ivo, & our two cats Pandora & Neko.

I have an AA degree in Visual Presentation & Space Design from FIDM in San Francisco.

I'm currently attending community college for a photography course.

My full name is Teresa micheile Henderson, I go by Micheile -you simply pronounce 'it mee – shell'

I'm an Unsplash contributer. That means I give my photos away for free.

I'm into history, science, and politics (a lot).

For most of my adult life I've chosen not to eat meat. I love cooking as well!

Pay It Forward

I’m by no means a professional graphic or web designer, but I love dabbling with it. I’m an enthusiast that loves creating visually aesthetic digital designs. Visual Stories is where I share my free printables, WordPress concepts and more. I share what I create, and give it all away!

You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.” — Maya Angelou