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autumn aesthetics and turning 50

oh to live in a world where there are Octobers !

I love the seasons, all of them but it is October that feels me with inspiration good vibes. To me October is the most magical month of the year. You wake up one morning, you step outside or open a window and there it is; autumn. You can feel it in the wind, the sound of the leaves rustling and in the temperature before the colours have even started to turn. This usually in September, then along comes October. The seasonal shift accelerates and the colours change, the leaves start to fall and that gorgeous sun sets everyday a bit earlier. Then the clocks go back an hour and before you know it autumn is in full swing.

October says to me ‘okay, now we’re going to slow down, make things cozy and snuggle in a warm sweater’. Soon the holidays will be here, as odd as this year is going to be. We can’t be alone in not having a clue what we’ll be doing this Christmas? I only know it’ll be different. Honestly not sure how much I’ll mind because it’s often a hectic time. Who knows, maybe my Christmas will be serendipitously good! Either way October is the beginning of the seasonal shift and I love this time of the year!

"along comes October""

It’s autumn time, with fall colors and fall weather, a a seasonal shift for autumn leaves in october. Time for pumpkin spice and seasons poetery in our cozy home where hygge is the autumn mood. 

Ever tried writing in hashtags?? haha

If you’re looking for Autumn Seasonal Hastags for this magical season here are my favourites. 

Simply click on the below text to copy the hashtags! There won’t be a comfirmation pop-up, just click and go copy! I’ve used 30, as that is the maximum Instagram allows. 

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oh, and about turning 50

I turned 50 on Halloween! It really wasn’t a big deal, but it was a lovely day! We went for a walk in the Utrechtse Heuvelrug which is a gorgeous area in The Netherlands. We ordered brunch, and dinner and binged season two of Killing Eve. 

Unfortunately with Covid-19 I couldn’t have a party. I didn’t want a big one, in fact I preferred a Bed & Breakfast in a cozy historical city somewhere. My daughter and her boyfriend chose to come a different weekend (in two weeks) that way my daughter can come earlier and spend a few days with me. We’re going to watch our October films in November; Practical Magic and Hocus Pocus. This means more baking, which means more new pictures!  You can find more of these images in my Visual Stories . There are also some available on my Unsplash and Pexels page. 

flower post->

I was sent a lot of dried flowers this year. I really like the pastels and warm tints of this flatlay here. 

Flowers from my favourite florist here in Rotterdam, ‘s Zomers. This image was just me playing around. Unfortunately I had trouble with the remote control from my camera so I couldn’t complete the shoot. Oh and that reminds me!! Ivo bought me a C-stand for my birthday. It can extend to the ceiling which means I can take overhead shots wherever I want in the house!

A big thanks to everyone who sent birthday wishes!

Take care, stay safe and enjoy the seasonal shift! 

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