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botany bliss with wallpaper from photowall sweden

We’ve added an eye-catcher in our living room. It’s dramatic, stunning and it makes all the difference.


On the 31st of December we celebrated one year in our flat in Rotterdam. Time flies! Just over a year ago we moved into a flat that had no floor, white walls with shabby wallpaper. Fast forward → one year, and wow! Look at this WALL

During the last few months we were debating what to do in the living room of our rental. We wanted an eye-catcher, but knowing we will most likely move in the next few years into our own home we didn’t want to start a huge project. A wall mural was just what we needed. What do you think of the result?



In the late morning the wall is stunning, fresh and vibrant. With these dark days, with the sun leaving the room as early as 2 pm the wall becomes more dramatic, and I’m loving the drama! 

An absolute eye catcher is just what we needed to add a bit of excitement in our rental home. 

Living room

Our living room was in need of some wow factor. Our new bright yellow sofa looked lonely, and it alone wasn’t enough to complete the look, and give our room some WOW. It felt incomplete and dull. The living room was cozy, because we made it that way, but it missed a statement maker. In just one afternoon we were able to transform our dull living space into a dynamic urban jungle of pure botanical bliss! 

We decided that a wall print would not only be a great way to add some drama, but it would be the easiest way for us to achieve it. We are by no means good at hanging wallpaper. That said, I think we did a pretty good job with this one. What do you think?

the result

We’re so happy with the results. Our choice of the Botany Tropical Kale Green works really well with our style and looks great with our sofa! 

I’ll be featuring this mural in many photo shoots so keep an eye on my Unsplash page

good to know

The Photowall Sweden website has an in depth information page that will help you with pre-order questions, product information, and how-to’s -including videos and step for step instructions.

Photowall Sweden is also available in many languages & countries, visit their website, and at the bottom of the page you can switch countries. 

Types of wallpaper =

standard + premium

The wallpaper is made custom for your wall, and the pieces are numbered in the order you need to hang them, so hanging is easy. You apply the provided paste (glue/adhesive) directly onto the wall.

apply the paste directly to the wall


Choose a colour that is similar to the print you’ll be hanging, and paint a line every 45 centimeters. This way if there is for any reason a slight space between rows they won’t stand out so much. We chose a green colour that can be found in our Botany Tropical Kale Green design. 


25% discount

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With the wallpaper from Photowall Sweden, you can transform every room in your home no matter what your style. They have selected motifs from top international designers and illustrators. All of their wallpaper is printed on top-quality material precisely to your measurements and delivered to you in an environmentally friendly cardboard box. Wallpaper Paste is included!

some of my favourites

You can also find canvas prints and posters if that’s what you’re looking for! 

Wishing you a happy new year! Thanks for stopping by! 


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