Photo Club April: Reflections

Composition is one of the easiest ways to create an eye-catching image, and to quickly change up + improve a tricky subject that’s causing you a bit of difficulty and frustration in frame.   Autoestima Cidada on Unsplash   By utilizing our composition techniques we’ll have an arsenal of easy and simple composition tools we can use to change up our styling and create images that draw our viewers in and hold their attention.   Vince Fleming on Unsplash   Reflection is a strong composition method and it will be the theme for this Photo Club for the month of April We have a saying in Dutch ‘April does what it wants’ and in my native language we have the saying ‘April showers bring May flowers’. So I thought the mix of sunny moments with

Photo Club February: Flatlay

A flatlay is a top-down photo, as is an overhead. However an overhead shot is from the top down, but isn’t always a flatlay. A flatlay is often a top-down shot of things, and an overhead shot is often capturing a moment if you’d like. It’s all in the angle –top-down photographs of coffee cups on a table; feet standing next to a table with pieces of cut flowers scattered on the table and ground; a woman looking down on her pregnant tummy. The idea behind all of these shots is to put the viewer in the place of us, the photographer, and let them ‘see’ through our eyes. It’s a powerful way to share your perspective, to tell a story almost like a documentary.

Composition inc. the rule of thirds

More weight on the left side. I share what I see. That has always been one of the main motivators for me in blogging. It started with a Tumbr account sharing vintage brocante interiors, and gardens. I've since moved to other platforms for example; this blog (!), Pinterest, Instagram and my favorite —Unsplash. I count myself lucky to be on the Unsplash editorial page. I'm an enthusiast, but by far nothing more than a hobby photographer. I'm always trying to up my game and improve my photography. I've earlier took on the idea of sharing what I've learned but always felt hesitation because I'm not an expert. However I've decided to share my experiences, not only what I've learned, but what I am still learning and the things I've