unsplash photo clubs

Hello there!In my last post for photography 101 I said I had an announcement! It may not seem like a big deal to those of you that aren’t that familiar with Unsplash but for me it’s world news! Well, ok not that big but it means a lot to me and that is what counts. I’ve been made a team leader in the Unsplash Photo Club! Unsplash has had a Photo Club for just over a year now. I’ve since then become a big participant. Well now they are expanding the club, and have extended an invitation to their wider community to join in and get creative! I’m so excited to be a part of this! #happydance what are unsplash photo clubs? Unsplash Photo Clubs are community-led, Unsplash supported

valentines day photo inspiration

love it or hate it valentine's day is just around the corner If you're like me you don't really like Valentine's Day but like the opportunity to photograph something fun, and themed. I've rounded up some Valentine's Day inspiration for your next shoot. Below I've provided several inspiration boards. Some are your cliché red, pink with flowers but some with a bit of humor. Enjoy! xoxo,