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14 years ago I started my blogging adventure. It started with Vintage Rose Brocante, on TUMBLR. Sharing what I saw that I found beautiful and inspiring. Eventually my interests changed and I decided to blog with the title A Creative Mess.


Over the years my interests have changed and photography has become my passion. I’m always chasing light and wanting to up my game and take beautiful inspiring photos. Here on Visual Stories, on my Instagram, Pinterest, Pexels and Unsplash —I share it all.

The Unsplash effect

Unsplash is where you can download images, for free, to use for almost anything you want and attribution isn’t required. Unsplash photos can be seen everywhere. On billboards, in magazines, hanging in hotel rooms, in presentations, website demos, and on social media. Unsplash photos are everywhere. Many apps connect directly with the Unsplash library and many institutions and brands are using Unsplash.

To give you an idea of how popular their website is, take the stats from the last thirty days (as of 18, feb. 2021). views, that is 8.575 per second, averaging 43 downloads per second. You can view the real-time activity map here.

The Unsplash library is integrated in many apps. For example if I’m creating an Instagram Story using Adobe Spark and I need a photo of soap, or a photo of tableware I can go to the library in the app and directly search for the product I need. If I’m creating my newsletter in MailChimp I can search the Unsplash library within MailChimp for the perfect image! The ways in which the Unsplash library can be used is seemingly endless. 

You can view the live Unsplash activity map here.

my unsplash

I’m an active member of the Unsplash community. I upload my own photos, download from other photographers, and create collections for my profile. I’ve been part of the Photo Club for more than a year, and as of February 2021 I’ve become a leader of one of the Photo Club groups (there are currently 5 groups).  Every month I pick a theme, and lead a team of community members in executing the theme we’re working on. 

On Unsplash, my free to use stock photography is at the moment in the top 50 of contributors. My 30 day view counter averages between 25 and 30 MILLION views. My  photos receive their top features Adobe Spark, Unfold, BuzzFeed, WIXLightricksQode InteractiveTrelloCreative Market and more.

If we collaborate your photos will be seen by millions, and could be used in web design themes, design templates, social media posts, newsletters, articles and much more. Unsplash libraries are also available on many education platforms, meaning students can use the photos freely for their projects. 

This was over a 30 day period in March 2021.

My work has been featured in the following publications...

beyond Unsplash

My work has also been published in Daphne’s Diary, and Gatherings Magazine. My blog(s) have also been recommended in publishing’s by Ariadne at Home, & Alles Brocante.


Margriet, and Ariadne at Home have also listed me as a favourite Pinterest pinner both internationally and in The Netherlands.

My Instagram isn’t amazing, but I did grow from 300 users to 1200 in 6 months time. On Pinterest I currentlyhave 46.4k followers. 

A few of my gifted highlights include: Photowall SwedeinFLEXARosti Mepal & Sukhi.


I’ve currently got over 46,000 followers on Pinterest!


Recently I’ve started promoting my work on Pexels and am currently ranked at #46 on their website. Pexels is another incredibly popular stock photography website that also provides video as well as photography. The Pexels library can be accessed directily in popular social media apps like Canva !



Because I can upload video to Pexels and in my Instagram Reels / Stories I almost always include a video when doing a photoshoot. This allows me to highlight my subjects more authentically. 

If you are interested in collaborating let me know. I don’t ask for anything more than what I need to do a project. We can talk details through email, and or schedule a video call. 

example of the unsplash effect

Just yesterday afternoon  I uploaded a photo of cookies from a popular Dutch brand Daelmans. Just 12 hours later the photo has been viewed 858.711 times, and downloaded 1.961 times. (March, 8th 2021). You can check the stats for this photo here.

First contact.

Say hello, and ask what we can do for each other!