Creative Process – I’m in!

I've signed up for a virtual workshop!​ The Creative Process Virtual Workshop!

Food Photography gurus, Bea Lubas (author of How to Photograph Food), and Eva Kosmas Flores (Adventures in Cooking & First We Eat) are the instructors. I'm crushing on a lot of food photographers at the moment, but these two ladies are without a doubt two of my favorites!

One of the reasons I signed up was to get a better insight into the preparing of my shoots, learning to troubleshoot, and improving my workflow. Because of my health and disability situation I won’t be aiming to learn how to work with clients, and shoot full editorial stories in this phase. Something I learned from Christina Greve was if you’re shooting for yourself, create one really good story in one photo rather than trying to shoot an entire editorial. Obviously if I’ve got everything set up and I’ve got my one good story, and have energy to spare I’m going to try and get more photos out of the scene. It’s just sometimes my energy level is depleted, and I can’t keep going, even when I still need to tidy things up. 

With luck I’ll get my workflow improved and this will allow me to shoot more. I love process shots, the full scene and the gathering on the table scenes, and don’t only want to show the styled ‘completed’ scene. That said, I want to get that one good shot down and see what comes next. 

Sunday is our first Zoom call (I’ve never used Zoom :/ ), and I’ve started my assignments and exercises. One is experimenting with props on backgrounds. By doing this maybe I’ll find an unexpected combination. 

The above photo, is something I doubt I’d ever use —it’s way to busy. That said, it has inspired me to try something romantic, like the vintage dishware, and something industrial. I’ve got my eye on a ‘Chipped Wall‘ background from Errer Backdrops. Next week I’m planning a trip to the local secondhand shop, if it is safe to enter (Covid-10) then I’m going to get me some props! Some utensils, pans and small plates and bowls. I’ll keep you updated and post picks. BTW the above photos are available on my Unsplash profile

Editing with Lightroom

While editing these photos I played around trying to influence the busy background you see in the above and below photos. The background has a bit of a blue tint in it, and that’s why I chose the grey blue napkin. I think if I play around more with Lightroom that I can soften that up a bit. P.S. I’ve got some ideas about what to shoot on this beauty of a backdrop ‘Chaos‘, stay tuned!

Note the difference by lowering the Dehaze in this shot.


I’ll be doing a lot more experimenting next week. This week I’m off to the Arboretum and botanical gardens here in Rotterdam. They’ve just opened after a long period due to Covid-19, and the Wisteria is about to pop! The Rhododendrons are apparently in full bloom! So my IG stories are going to be floral stories the next week or two! 

I’ll be sharing my adventures into the world of food / still life photography with you, and keep you updated on my experience in the workshop. 

Thanks for stopping by and reading about my photography journey. I can't wait to share more with you!

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