What things help you in your Creative Process?


Creative Spark

Nurture your creativity. Self care is underestimated in the creative process. Go out, step away from the camera and social media and try and clear your head. Who knows what new ideas will cross your mind!



A master plan template to help you better prepare for your shoots. This includes brainstorming, and writing down your styling and prop ideas. 



Preparing is something you sometimes have to start days before your shoot; shopping, preparing food, preparing your location, set-up tables, and get your gear packed and charged.


Shot lists

If you use a master plan template for your shoots, you’ll need to include shot lists, not only the shots you want, but also the shot order list. 


Costs and pricing

If you’re shooting for a client you’ll need to learn about pricing, marketing and the entire business side of photography. 


Shooting new ways

This is right up there with Creative Spark. Try something new. Shoot a subject two-ways, or find inspiration from an unusual source. Shoot your props…

Creative Process Virtual Workshop

Eva Kosmas Flores and Bea Lubas have created an incredible online workshop. I've taken the course and found it so helpful. The community is also really incredible.

In their own words. “We created this virtual workshop to give you the same experience and knowledge gained from an in-person food photography workshop—from talking about shoots that go wrong and how to overcome them, to the round table chats where you get to share your experiences and connect with like-minded creatives. And if there’s one thing we’ve observed from collaborative shoots, it’s that every photographer has their own unique creative process, and you can learn SO much by seeing and experiencing those behind-the-scenes moments.”

Joanie Simon with Bea Lubas

Two of my faves discussing the Creative Process!