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Once again I visited the historical district of Delfshaven. This time with some like-minded photography enthusiasts that I met during my workshop & classes at the Peoples University. We wanted to freshen up our skills before we all go on holiday.

Rotterdam not only has an amazing skyline and iconic buildings, it has so much more! If you’re visiting The Netherlands and like me, love the charming historical buildings of Europe then you shouldn’t skip Delfshaven. Give yourself an hour or two to explore the district, and along the water there are some gorgeous terraces with good food & drinks. There’s also a brewery, De Pelgrim.

Delfshaven is easy to travel to with the metro and tram.

Here’s my visual story of my walk through the sunny streets of Delfshaven. Below is a link to the my Unsplash collection that I’ve made available for you. 37 free to use for whatever you want stock photographs.

Rotterdam Stories - A walk through Delfshaven Visual Stories [.nl] Photography Micheile Henderson

This photo walk was with people I’ve met taking classes are participating in workshops at the Volksuniversiteit in Rotterdam(community college).

If you’re interested in a photo walk in Rotterdam or surrounding areas, let me know -let’s connect either here in the comemnts, an email or social media! Maybe we can organize something!

If you like the photographs and would like to use them for a project –or whatever you want they are available on Unsplash, direct link below.

I’ve created a collection with these + more on Unsplash, where you can download free to use for whatever you want stock photography. 37 fee stock pics!


Enjoy your day and have a good weekend. Here in Rotterdam the weather is perfect ♥ Is it nice where you are?




Delfshaven, Rotterdam 37 FREE STOCK IMAGES  ||