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What’s your Monday routine? Has it changed a lot since Covid-19? I can imagine most people in ‘normal times’ wake up get ready for the first day of the work week. For those with younger kids I imagine scrambling to get the kids fed, then off to school and getting their week started. Sound familiar? 

My Monday routine is most likely quite different than most of yours. I know longer work due to my health and have a rather smooth transition from the weekend to the week days. With Covid-19 my partner is working at home so I share the office. All the more reason to be happy about our office make-over (still in progress!). We share a 4+ mtr. desk that has a view of the Rotterdam skyline ♥.  No complaints!

On Mondays I feed the cat, make the coffee and settle in at my workspace and log on to my p.c. and visit the Creative Market website. Every week for as long as I can remember they’ve offered six freebies weekly. All design assets of some sort and if you’ve recently made purchases on CM you’ll have access to three extra freebies. That means up to nine free design resources to add to your collection!

here are this weeks free six

The freebies this week contain 3 fonts, one free stock photo, 36 hand-drawn burst elements and a set of Procreate brushes

up first->

36 hand-drawn burst elements

These burst are what I’m using on this page (svg with paths). I love them! (you can’t see on smaller devices).

I’m definitely going to be using these on the site and in future projects. 

You can simply change the colors using photo editing software e.g. Photshop and export as .svg file. Upload them to your website and then open the file to find the .svg path. My website is built using Elementor and I can simply add the path to the section advanced editing area. Add the path to the ‘background path’ section and viola! 

Above you see an image and a background pattern layer. I’ll be writing a post soon about using .svg background layers and how to obtain the correct path for using them. 


These bursts can also be used in your images as layers. There are really a lot of uses for them. Thanks to The Shop team on Creative Market for making these available for free this week!  Find the set here.

I’ll be back next week with the latest free design assets from Creative Market. You can always find the freebies on their website here

Take care and stay safe!


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‘Classic’ blue car
Photo by Courtney Cook on Unsplash

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