easter brunch for the kids // styling tips

Styling tips for an Easter brunch with kids.

These tips can be applied to any party / event with children.

Decorating and styling a table for kids, whether for a birthday or holiday, in this case Easter is always fun.
Bright colors and a lot of cuteness.

Again I teamed up with my daughter Cierra, owner of Bloesem Photography for this project.

We decided to go with a white background and table so that the colors would really pop. It has worked because the colors are really bright on this table!

There are some D.I.Y. elements to this project. They are all very easy and I’ll be posting all throughout the week the tutorials for them.


Tip! Add some color and creative touches to your dishes. For example adding eyes and bunny ears to milk bottles and use them instead of glasses or cups for serving drinks.

Adding fun elements to the dessert/buffet table (or also a table setting) adds to the festivities. What better than bright fun colors for welcoming Spring and celebrating Easter?

These napkins are clipped to the plates with tiny birdie clothespins. I bought these clips at the HEMA after seeing them at the HEMA press day. There so adorable and we’ve also used them to attach decorative eggs to some branches in our Easter floral piece at home. The adorable napkins were a gift from the HEMA.

Here we have some store bought cupcakes that we decorated ourselves with buttercream. The pot contains yogurt and homemade granola. Adding the paper eggs from the HEMA might make it more appealing to children?? I’m thinking they’d sooner go for the cupcakes =)

With some washi-tape we made some feathers. You can find the instructions for making them here.

We love these printable bunny cones from We Are Scout. Here is where you can find these cuties.

Our bunny pom-pom had a bad day! I let it fall a few times and after the shoot I had to give it a nose job!

Those butterflies on the wall are from IKEA. They can be found in the IKEA paper shop. They’re actually for gift wrapping but I ask you, whoever only uses IKEA products for what they were intended for?

Topiary floral pieces are always such a good idea for a buffet table. We added some chocolate eggs to the floral arrangement and hung our bunny in the middle of the two topiaries. I think a floral piece with plastic flowers would also work well with this concept. What do you think?

Thanks for visiting and please come back for some more DIY Easter projects!

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Teresa Micheile + Cierra

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