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ENGEL. & Famille Summerbelle = a gorgeous collaboration

ENGEL. & Famille Summerbelle = a gorgeous collaboration

Throwing a party, that’s what ENGEL have done in a collaboration with Julie Marabelle ( Famille Summerbelle ). What a super team they make. Check out this new bamboo tableware collection.

I love Engel. I often order pom-pom’s and paper straws for parties and decorating. For my daughters business we use Engel decorations for Cake Smash Photoshoots and I personally have a few pom-pom’s hanging in my bedroom that came from Engel. Around four years ago?? I won a prize via Pinterest + Flexa. Orange (P)inspiration… something to do with football here in The Netherlands. The pin board I won with is still online. You can find it here. I love their products and recommend them!

This lovely collection is so cute it makes you want to find an excuse for a party? My birthday earlier this week and I did have nice decorations but these are so adorable! Playful, colorful and festive! #ubercute


Image source: ENGEL  +  Prchtg.nl



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