Flexa Blogger Event

Flexa Blogger Event


Bloggers Event with Meet The Blogger

A few years back I attended an event at the Flexa House of Colours, pop up store, in Amsterdam, that was organized by Meet the Blogger.

Today I posted about Flexa and did a search on my site, and realized this post hadn’t been moved from the old blog! So I’m re-posting it! It was a fun day spent with creative minded bloggers, designers and actress  Victoria Koblenko.

Victoria presented her color palette, which was titled “Passie”. It is a bright and eclectic mix of greens.

Flexa house of colors with Meet the Blogger and Victoria Koblenko

That dress was a masterpiece! It was made of especially for her and all that shine came from beetles! The dress was covered with the iridescent wings of the jewel beetle which the insects naturally shed as part of their life cycle. Stunning and original!

We heard the color specialists from Flexa tell us about the new palettes, and how they came to be. It was all in all an exciting and fun day. I ended up using the color palette I made that day for my work space, and I’m still really happy with it!

Below are some photographs from the event and below those, my work space and other Flexa home projects of mine!


Photo’s from Flexa and or Meet The Blogger

Flexa from Clipable on Vimeo.


stylish pink on the top section, white under
the ‘cement’ wall and the ‘blueberry dream’ photo’s, I’ve misplaced… to be continued.

Thanks to Flexa + Meet The Blogger and of course to all the bloggers that helped make the day special! You too Victoria.



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