Free Holiday Printable Collection from Visual Stories inc. Stock Photos

free holiday printable collection 2020 inc. stock photos!

a free printable collection for the holiday season


gift tags-

greeting cards-

recipe card (editable + print ready- version)

paper liner / full page backgrounds-

stock photos from this set-

37 gift labels/tags

I’ve made in total 37 gift tags using this holiday theme. Some have up to three different backgrounds. Just print, cut and write the names on the tags!

The download contains print sheets as seen in the image, but I’ve also provided the gift tags individually so you can create your own printing sheets, or print them individually. This allows you to control the size of the tags, as well as which tags you’ll print. 

The size of the sheets are A4. 

10 greeting cards

There are 10 horizontal printable cards. You print them as postcards but also as folding cards

If you prefer ordering your cards online, you can simply upload the jpg files to the site that you’re using. Adjust the size to match the format of the size of card you’ve chosen. 

envelope liners / full page backgrounds

I’ve made 22 printable envelope liners which could also be used for other projects. 

recipe card

Holdiay baking! This printable recipe card is available as a printable with lines that you can write on or if you use Photoshop you can edit the recipe card digitally.


Giving away baked goods with the recipe is one of my favorite traditions. What are some of your favorite holiday traditions? 

Thanks for your understanding patience! 

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