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free mega wedding template bundle

one-sided invite, full page floral as envelope liner, rsvp, extra details, thank you, and menu

Dutch Floral Collection

I am so excited to be able to share this wedding template set with you. It’s a FREE MEGA BUNDLE! Made using Dutch Floral Graphics. The set is totally free, you don’t even have to sign up for anything! I’ve been working on these for ages and made myself finish them this week. I’ve made some many various styles using these graphics. This is just set one, there’s more to come!

The set contains multiple floral elements and various background options. A textured background of natural or craft paper plus a color box that you can edit yourself. The default background is an almost black #1c1c1d  (as seen in the previews). The editable color box will allow you to use other options. Get creative and add your own backgrounds! These are fully editable .psd files for editing in Photoshop. 

No Photoshop? No problem. Try this free app!


Through a message exchange recently on Creative Market I was introduced to Photopea. Wow! It’s so awesome AND FREE! I’m so glad this is an option for you guys. It is so easy to work with (if you’re familiar with Photoshop that is). If you’re not familiar with Photoshop I can help you change the text information to your own and send you the files. Contact me to see if I’m available within your time frame. I don’t do custom work, but I’ll add your details to the ready made files for free. 



I’ve made a small video of how to edit your text and export the files. You’ll find it below.

clean layers + multiple backgrounds

here an invite, rsvp, place card, thank you with lines, floral insert for envelope
here a menu, wishing well card, save the date, one sided invite, floral insert

The files are available in CMYK, RGB and the files that don’t require editing are available ready to print in both CMYK & RGB. The thank you cards can also be used as is with lines in the place of editable text. See below. The Wish Well cards without a signature are also available as print ready, as are the floral full page & two-sided invite fronts. 

here a menu, wishing well card, save the date, one sided invite, floral insert

Choose Your Style

I’ve used a mix of florals to create this Dutch still life floral styled wedding stationery bundle. Mix and match them, lighten the opacity or change the font and font color! The color and font information have been provided in the download folder. 


menu, one-sided invite, rsvp, save the date with full floral envelope liner
save the date, full floral

extra details

One of the cards provided is for extra information. You can place your wedding website url if you have a wedding website. I recommend one if your wedding has a lot of activities and or people flying in from all over the world. You can provide easy information for e.g. hotels, routes, things to do and more. This information can make your guests attendance more pleasurable. It also keeps them from having to ask a lot of questions —something you might not want just before your big day.

extra details card, full size floral and save the date
one sided invite
two sided invite

One or two sided invites

If you’re looking for a one sided card than I’ve got you covered. Prefer a two-sided or classic opening card? I’ve created full page florals that can be used for a cover or front side (however you want to mix things up!). 

extra details, full floral as envelope liner, one-sided invite, wishing well, table number

full page files with florals inc. ready to print designs

Full page florals have been created for the two-sided invites as well as for envelope inserts. You can also print them on a slightly transparent paper and use them for layering the cards you might be sending. Eg. in the envelope with the invite, extra details, rsvp and wishing well. 

table number

need help with editing?

how to edit using photoshop or photopea

I’ve made a video showing you just how easy it is to edit the files. Though this video shows how to edit in Photopea, using Photoshop is the same exact steps. 

You simply select the layers you want to use. Double click on the texts and change the text details to your own. Using the toolbars you can adjust fonts, font sizes, and colors. You can add extra texts (not recommended for design reasons!). 

Not everybody has experience using Photoshop so I can understand that you might hesitate in downloading these. If it is just the text info (names, date, time, location…) I can edit the templates for you. Please note that other changes can’t be made for free (colour, format and new items).  It’s also important that you send me the exact details you want to be made. Multiple revisions aren’t possible so take your time to find the wording you would like! 

You can download the files in the shop. You’ll receive a .pdf file that will take you to my Google Drive. You won’t have to sign-up for anything. Using Google Drive just saves space and money on my end! 


Enjoy the templates and of course happy new year!

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