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Happy New Year! If you’ve been following closely you’ll know I have mixed feelings about the new year. It’s not going to be magical or something. That said we can try and make our own magic. A bit cliché? Yes, it’s also maybe tone deaf because the world is still quite awful for so many people —let’s not forget that. However we need to stay sane, and try and keep focused. One way of doing that for me is being creative. 

Not all of you know this but my original blog Vintage Rose Brocante was my escape. I am very involved in politics and social justice issues and VRB was where I could escape the cruelness of the world. I’m privileged to be able to do so. For the people suffering they don’t have that luxury. Yesterday we watched Small Axe from director Steve McQueen. We had no idea what it was about, and I remember thinking wow I thought this was about music. I told my boyfriend after watching that had I known what it was about I would have saved it for another evening. I told him that I didn’t want to turn it off after we started it because it didn’t seem right to do so. Those oppressed can’t just turn the channel. If the black community after all these years still must endure oppression, I can at least make it through a two hour series. It was by the way really good, and based on a true story about The Mangrove Nine.

escape the madness

Where was I? Oh yeah escape. I fall back on my creativity to keep myself sane. This isn’t an exaggeration. I have bipolar and if I get to worked up about things I won’t sleep, eat or drink but become extremely manic. So I have to find something to ground me. Photography and graphic design help me do this. 

Yesterday I finally managed to finish a graphic design project! Baby steps sometimes but I get there! The Dutch Floral mega bundle is completed! Wedding suite templates using gorgeous still life Dutch Florals. The set can be found in the shop —for free!

exploring video on pexels

One of my newest distractions is video making. I’ve been busy with a lot of photography things too. I’ve recently uploaded a lot of new images to my Unsplash page. You’ll find flat-lays and dinner, baking and floral photos. I’ve also uploaded a few to Pexels. They’ve all been featured and that includes two of the videos!

I’m just starting to get into videos. I attempted a large, edited video but struggled. I’ll admit I had a lot of fun making it. The thing is I was a bit manic and tried, planning, setting up, shooting and learning to use Adobe Premiere for editing in one day —during the darkest days of the year. I’m definitely going to give it another go —but then at a slower pace. If you’re curious about the manic video it’s on my Vimeo account here. It’s got a lot wrong with it but I really liked doing it!

short videos on pexels

Pexels provides users with short videos that can be used in various projects. For example in web-pages. I love this page in the Qode Wonderment website demo, here. If you scroll the demo you’ll see how much impact those small videos give a page. 

I’m now going to try and make videos every season and maybe even more often than that. They’re fun to make and visually pleasing on my own website. Here on this page I’ve used one in a revolution slider as apposed to a video upload with lightbox link. I think it looks rather good! What do you think?

looking back at 2020

wow I did that!

I’m proud of how far I’ve come with my photography and graphic design content. On Unsplash I am currently in the top 50 downloaded users from the last 30 days! I’m also in the 100 most seen contributors from the last 30 days. My Unsplash photos have been downloaded 1.389.678 times. They’ve been viewed 275.195.537 times. I’ve been featured several times this last month, had photo of the day and most of my photos were on the editorial feed! Two years ago I didn’t even know what people meant with aperture and depth of field. I shoot manual now!  My stock photos have been used in so many projects, and it really does feel good to have come so far and get noticed! My mother said during Christmas dinner while I was being complimented on my photography “It’s not talent. You just point and click”. I have thought about that a lot and am just going to try and let it go. What else can you do with comments like that? Start a world war haha. 

As for 2021 I’ll be spending the year trying to improve my styling, and technique skills. I’ve got a lot of things planned and with this newest lockdown, and not being on the vaccination list until April / May I’ve got some time to work on the ‘studio’ projects. I’m looking forward to sharing it all with you, and give it away for free. 

this happened

more recent uploads to pexels / unsplash

free mockup template

I shot this image with a blank piece of paper so you can use it to add your own design. With just a few clicks you can edit the photo below and add your menu, seating card, or welcome card. 

keep your sanity

We don’t have to absorb it all. You don’t have to know everything. We must practice self-care in these crazy times. The installation of another president in the USA isn’t going to make the world problems go away (still happy Trump is going to be out of office).  Just remember the president elect doesn’t support Medicare For All, voted for the Iraq war (with no regrets), voted for the crime bill (also with no regrets). He also had to previously drop out of a presidential race because he got caught lying and plagiarizing. He unapologetically supports fracking. He’s already made fun of reporters. His answer to police shooting black people is ‘shoot them in the leg instead of the heart’ and “I’m against all this rioting” (being against rioting is another discussion but he was asked what he thought of a man being murdered and Joe Biden jumped straight to ‘rioting’. What a disaster! Let’s not be naïve, nor apathetic but let’s try to find distractions to keep our sanity.  I’ll continue with Paying It Forward as my contribution. I’ll do me, and you do you. I just hope we can stay sane and healthy. 


Take care! Stay safe!



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