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SINARP kitchen cabinet fronts

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If you didn’t know, then you know now. I love interiors. I was an interior blogger for years and still love keeping up with the trends. I don’t mind still being on the press mailing list for some of the best interior brands out there. I just don’t always share, but today I am!  


coming february 2021

Today I’m sharing the new IKEA Spring 2021 collection with you! 18 new products for you, all with very IKEA names. 


That’s six new Å’s and Umlauts.

my personal faves

I’m going to show you it all, but here are a few of my favorites! The BJÖRKÅSEN laptop stand is definitely on my ‘buy asap’ lists. Just yesterday I was pricing Tethering Tables for my photography work. They’re quite pricey, even in their simplest form. The arrival of this laptop table couldn’t have come at a better time for me personally. If you’re working a lot at home I can imagine you’ll like it as well.

Make it work for you
Whether you’re trying to conquer that spreadsheet due next Tuesday, or Beethoven’s Violin Sonata No. 9, this laptop stand is all about flexible and
comfortable use, whatever it is you’re working on.


And, with the built-in cup holder, there’s always
space for a freshly-brewed cuppa. You’ve earned
it, right?!

The VÅRFINT tray is also on my wishlist. I love the organic, crafted feeling that bamboo
brings. It’ll be handy around the house and look great in photos (sorry I’m always considering the prop worthy factor in everything I see!).

VÅRFINT tray €9.99
BJÖRKÅSEN laptop stand €19.95
BJÖRKÅSEN laptop stand €19.95
NEREBY container €2.99
NEREBY rail €2.99
NEREBY wall shelf €6.99
NEREBY bag Є5.99
UNDVIKA baby monitor €29.95

your favorites?

If I could guess some top sellers I’d start with the UNDVIKA Baby monitor! I’d want one even if I was just babysitting! You can attach it to your belt loop or hang it where you’re working. 

UNDVIKA baby monitor €29.95

UNDVIKA baby monitor

The simplicity you want, the smartness you need UNDVIKA baby monitor comes as two simple components: a fixed baby unit and portable parent unit. The parent unit fits as snuggly in a pocket as in the palm of a hand, but can also be hung from the rubber loop. The built-in alert system notifies you right away if contact with the baby unit has been lost, while the “talkback” button lets you speak to and comfort your baby from a distance.
UNDVIKA Baby monitor
UNDVIKA Baby monitor
UNDVIKA baby monitor €29.95
UNDVIKA baby monitor €29.95
RÅDFRÅGA decoration, set of 3 €9.99
RÅDFRÅGA decoration, set of 3 €9.99

RÅDFRÅGA Decoration, set of 3


Easy hide, easier seek This spring, we’re saying farewell to the days of hunting high and low for the little things we often lose track of. Enter these eggs: an endearing parking spot for your tiniest treasures. Ideal for the night stand, desk or coffee table (or anywhere, really!), they come in three sizes and colours with a playful, speckled finish

Someone’s getting sleepy...

LEN quilt cover/pillowcase for cot €5.99
LENAST quilt cover/pillowcase for cot €12.99


Let’s crank up the cuddle factor! Knitted from 100% cotton, LEN blanket in grey feels extra soft and snuggly on baby’s skin – with no harmful substances or chemicals. Zero. Thanks to its durability and classic knit, this is a blanket that you can hold onto far beyond little one’s babyhood.
LEN blanket €9.99


Oh, starry night
LEN/LENAST collection of cot-sized quilt covers and pillow cases are both timeless and ageless, with the option of a dot or crescent-moon pattern in easy-to coordinate grey and white. 

One colour fits all
The gender-neutral nursery is a fast-growing trend that
looks set to stay, and it’s not hard to see why. As homes
and budgets get smaller, long-lasting baby products that
can blend in, or be passed down, make great sense.

SINARP/HASSLARP Kitchen fronts

Feast your eyes

Great food is all about quality and attention to detail, and kitchens are no different. SINARP/HASSLARP is a
new family of kitchen fronts and doors in a dark wood expression, teaming up for a dramatic and refined

SINARP/HASSLARP Kitchen fronts
SINARP/HASSLARP Kitchen fronts

... and much more.

so what are your favorites?

So now I’m curious what your favorites are! 


Have a good weekend! 


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