make colorful feathers decorations using washi-tape

Make colorful feathers decorations using washi-tape

Who says washi-tape is dead? There are so many fun things you can do with washi-tape (and other decorative types of tape), one of the things you could make are colorful feathers decorations using washi-tape. There are so many colors and prints available that no matter what your style is there is bound to be a tape that you can use in some way in your interior or in your creative projects.

a Creative mess

For the Kids Easter Brunch post we used tape from the HEMA to make these feathers.

There are only a few steps for making them and within minutes you’ll have results. That is the type of do it yourself we like, especially around holidays when we’re so busy.

You’ll need the following items

  • Wooden saté skewers (or something similar)
  • Washi-Tape
  • Scissors

a Creative mess

Place washi-tape on both sides of a saté skewer. Place the skewer in the middle and use the pointed end for the top of the feather and keep in mind that the tape should be cut so that it is longer than the skewer.

Cut the bottom side of the feather, and remove access tape.

Cut the top side of the feather into a point.

a Creative mess

Begin cutting into the tape towards the middle. Make sure to cut at an angle and keep the snips small. Continue this on both sides.

Ruffle the ‘feathers’a bit so that it isn’t so flat. Done!

You could use them for decorations, on gift packages, in cakes, cupcakes or for in a table setting.

Enjoy your weekend.


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