marbling your easter decorations with nail polish

marbling your easter decorations with nail polish

Marbling your Easter decorations with nail polish

a Creative mess [.nl]

a Creative mess [.nl]

In this post we’ll show you how to use nail polish to marble your Easter eggs and other Easter decor.

We’ve seen so many amazing marbled projects on Pinterest and on some of our favorite blogs and we had to try it ourselves. Marbling objects is really easy and the within minutes you have an amazing transformation.

Cierra went to work with these eggs and candles. We’re so happy with how they’ve turned out.


Here is what you’ll need to do the marbling (of just about everything)

[su_spoiler title=”For the eggs” style=”fancy” open=”yes”]

  • white eggs
  • a bowl with warm water
  • nail polish (1 to 3 colors is what I recommend)
  • someplace to let the eggs dry safely (we used cardboard with steel pins as seen below)
  • rubber gloves

[su_spoiler title=”For the candles” style=”fancy” open=”yes”]

  • white candles
  • a bowl with warm water
  • nail polish 1 to 3 colors is what I recommend
  • someplace to let the candles dry / ex. on a shelf with something under in case it drips
  • rubber gloves


a Creative mess [.nl]


In a bowl of warm water add the nail polish.

Dip the egg or the candle into the bowl, swirling it around in the nail polish.

Remove from the water and set aside for drying.

For drying the eggs we used a piece of cardboard with pins. Add the pins to the cardboard until it is strong and stable enough to hold the eggs.

a Creative mess [.nl] a Creative mess [.nl]

I just love the candles. It’s so easy to do and the effect is beautiful. I find myself looking around the house for something to marble!

Have a good week and thanks for coming around to see our Easter posts!

Cierra + teresa Micheile henderson

All photographs are either from Cierra or Micheile. Please link with love if you want to use them on your blog or on Pinterest.

Cierra is the owner of Bloesem Photography and has teamed up with me for the 2016 Easter D.I.Y. projects!

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