Motion Graphic made from my photo

A motion graphic made of one of my photos.

Earlier this year I shot a series of photos and video fragments of a ‘me time‘ moment. Me drinking tea, enjoying a biscuit, browsing through a book, surrounded by flowers. I called the series A Seasonal Shift. I could feel Spring in the air, just around the corner, all while still feeling winter lingering. 

What a pleasant surprise to be tagged on Instagram and finding that someone had turned one of my photos from the series into a motion graphic. Fraphic.O, on Instagram, thank you for sharing!

You can view the motion graphic on Instagram

It’s so cool to see that somebody was inspired by my work. It’s definitely motivating! 

Thanks again, fraphic.0 for sharing this with me ♥.

You can find, view and download the photos and video fragments from this photo series for free, here on Pexels

The blogpost for the series A Seasonal Shift can be found here

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