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Flatlay photos

Flowers & Tea

I’ve recently started with a photo class here in Rotterdam, at the community college (Volks Universiteit Rotterdam). For my project in this class I was going to go with flatlay food photography and photo manipulation.

I decided to change it to Street Photography but I still wanted to share the post with you of my first attempt.

I like the challenge of shooting flatlays while adding my hands.

The idea was to shoot some other angles, using my hands throughout the shoot. But for this test I used flowers and tea!

Above pic is made using 3 photos

To create the above photo I took multiple photos using the same settings, lighting and distance. Tripod on the tables, tethering cable connected to the laptop that is also being cast to my television so I can see it when my back is turned away from my laptop. 

The photos shown here in the slide have been edited. For the Photoshop composites I used the versions that hadn’t yet been edited. Once the layers were finished I edited the final image. 

Photoshop Composites

Video tutorial From two loves studio


bird printables

The small prints shown in the photos above are from Canadas McGill Library has made these prints and many more available on Unsplash. You can find them using the link below.

Thanks for visiting. Enjoy your weekend!!!!!!

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