Shopping local = buying local at the Oogstmarkt, Noordplein​

Buying Local :: Oogstmarkt Noordplein in Rotterdam Noord

Shopping local = buying local at the Oogstmarkt, Noordplein

Today as I walked through the  the Oogstmarkt which is every Saturday in Rotterdam Noord at the Noordplein I asked myself ‘Why don’t you come here every Saturday??!!’. Often because of busy Saturdays, but considering it is only 5 minutes by bike I should go every Saturday!.

Here’s my visual diary of today’s visit. I bought some heirloom tomatoes from Tommy Teler and WOW they are amazing. They claim to sell the worlds smallest tomatoes and I believe them. They’re tiny, and when you bite into them you get a taste explosion! 

I bought some tomatoes and asked if I could photograph their stand, and she was nice enough to say yes. It was busy, but I managed to get a few shots. 


Other personal favourites at the market today were Kaapse Brouwers (local beer), Jordy’s Bakery and Tuinplanten de Jong and for my boyfriend, sausage from Casa Reinders.

I didn’t purchase anything at Veld & Vase but not because it wasn’t tempting! I just knew we wouldn’t be in enough to enjoy them this week. They’re bouquets are gorgeous! When vacation is over and we’re back to a normal routine I will be going back for a bouquet. I love their style and concept! 

We’ve already eaten our bakery purchases and now we’re off to enjoy our lazy first day of vacation! 

Have a good weekend! 


Shopping local = buying local at the Oogstmarkt, Noordplein