panning photos & shutter speed || my progress (lack of it)

my progress

As some of you know I’ve been trying to up my game when it comes to photography. in the last two years I’ve taken two classes at the community college here in Rotterdam (Rotterdamse Volksuniversiteit).


Because of the Corona virus I haven’t been back into the city to photograph and lately just haven’t been feeling it. I haven’t been motivated at all. I was transitioning into street photography when the virus arrived and with my health that means staying off the streets. 

shutter speed

One of the reasons I took the the first class was because I couldn’t capture moving objects properly. So I wanted to take a step back and learn how to actually use the camera. My composition, and overall aesthetic was always good so anything that didn’t move I could get. The aperture I almost always got right even though I didn’t understand what I was doing. Oddly enough I never used the ‘P’ setting which is the automatic setting. I shot in manual or AV (aperture). 

So during a lesson in that first class we all went out and tried panning photography. In cinematography and photography panning means swivelling a still or video camera horizontally from a fixed position.

So we turned in our memory cards at the end of the first half of the lesson after noting the image title of our best shots so the instructor could evaluate them with the class. Seriously I don’t know why but when she got to me she just randomly picked photos on my card instead of showing my selection. She picked the first tries and the pics where I was trying to see how low I could go with the shutter speed. She was and is probably still convinced that I couldn’t do it. The thing is, I could.

1/40 sec. f/10 50mm

Now that I’ve learned the about the shutter speed settings I find it so much easier to shoot things that are moving. Logical, I know but I literally did fall on my head and have a hard time processing new information. I also have an irrational fear of doing everything wrong. It comes from years of trauma and people staring over my shoulder literally critiquing everything I do. It’s like ‘ladies, I have an accent but I wasn’t born yesterday!’. haha I have learned for the most part not to let it get to me but when I came across these photographs from only the second time ever trying to take panning shots I was like wow and haha F.U. lady (instructor). I literally shot these with the idea of oh yeah I can do that, let’s give it another go and I love the results. I got lucky with the color palette! Those orange highlights ♥ 

the next step

That instructor will most likely never know what I can and cannot do. Luckily the instructor I had for the next level was good, and honest. My technique needs to get better. As for my progress. I’m not sure where I stand. Sometimes the more I try to learn about something the more confused I become. Before the classes my still life photography was good. My flower images were really pretty. Then I tstarted to think about things too hard and tried to follow rules and got all messed up with aperture stops, doing things the opposite of how they should have been. Now that I haven’t been so active I think it’s time to give myself some assignments and try to get back into things because I really do miss it and I really am struggling with things I feel I shouldn’t be.

Are you finding it hard to find motivation with everything that is going on or maybe the exact opposite?   

Thanks for stopping by and reading to the end 😉 ♥

Have a good weekend!


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