“I am not a professional but an enthusiast that wants to give back to the creative community.”

For just the costs made, I'll help you with your WordPress website. From start to finish.

Working on my own blog has sparked my passion for working with WordPress websites. With my Pay it Forward Project I volunteer my time and assistance helping people installing and configuring their WordPress websites. I also will help you turn a concept that is already worked out and personalise it. For example a professional theme that can be purchased online. We can switch things up a bit to personalise it for you but I no longer start from scratch with semi-custom websites because it is too demanding.

I noticed in my surroundings that I was more technically advanced than most of the people I came across. People I knew from Instagram or the blogging community were paying for services I could easily do on my own. I often contemplated offering creative entrepreneurs my services in exchange for theirs. I’ll build the photography website, you take my photos for my about page. I never could find the nerve, so I’ve just decided to offer my services for free (meaning as long as it doesn’t cost me money). All I ask is that it gets paid forward. I’ll build the site, take the photos, or design your invite —you do something for someone else, it doesn’t mean you do something for me.

Why do I do this?

A few years ago I stopped working, or rather I went on permanent disability. It was hard at first because it felt like a loss —not having a career, having no purpose. I slowly discovered that I did have a purpose and a career wasn’t the only path to realise that. I no longer think of it as a loss. I will never fully heal, but I am more than comfortable and content with my life. It gives me great joy to help others on their own path to happiness. Because I do this work as a volunteer I limit how many projects I take on. Because of this I filter the projects before taking them on. After first contact and exchanging information about your project we will discover if we’re a match. If we are and have mutually decided to take it to the next step I’ll place your project in my queue and provide you with a timeline.
Coming soon​ Shoot! A website for online courses with webshop + blog.

Interested in working with me?

Send me a message and let me know what it is you’re looking for and a little bit about you and your project. If we’re a match then we can go further to the next step. Depending on your wishes we can have a website up and running in no time. 

Looking for a simple website with a shop because of the ‘lock down’? Make sure to let me know so I can give your project priority. We’ll get you a basic shop and site up and running asap!