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Picture Perfect: The curator inside you [styling tips for your home]


Whether your pics come from your own collection, internet or family photographs, give your home extra character and life.

The curator inside you

Let’s be honest, most of your photo books end up on a book shelf sooner or later. We can agree that’s a waste of all your gorgeous photographs?! They need to be seen. So on what is like the hottest day I’ve ever experienced I’m going to share with you some interior styling tips. My favourite pastime before I got into photography. I’m going to try sitting here in front of the ventilator without melting!

Dare to open the books on a table and to combine them with loose objects to create a small exposition in your home. You can keep adding and removing throughout the year. Glass display cases and cabinets are a good way to display the collections without exposing them to dust.

Tips for items to display with your photo-albums

Use vintage cameras, leaves and branches inside wooden crates with dividers filled up with images, or with favourite books from your favourite photographers. Drawings and drawing material, souvenirs and postcards also make a collection complete.

Print and hang

Pinterest is a major source for inspirational imagery as is Unsplash.

Make a selection of the most outspoken images in black-white and sepia portraits. Print them, using spray glue, hang them on a wall (not all walls are suited for this, of course).

Be creative, pick a theme that makes you happy. I once used bright coloured food photography on a wall in the kitchen for inspiration and aesthetics.

Quotes and illustrations also make for nice imagery.


Give your pics a nonchalant and raw look by framing them in wooden crates, drawers or wooden lids. Nail the photographs to the wood to get an extra raw look.

wooden drawer, box or lid framing

Painting the inside of the frame black strengthens the black-white pics. Hanging them as a collection above a vintage work table or cabinet is a real eye catcher.

From old to new

An old photograph gets new a new life by enlarging it and having it printed on a piece of canvas.

You could also find an old photo from the internet or out of a book if you can’t find something to your taste in your own collection. Place the canvas between two wooden pieces and using a screw with wing nut. Hang with a piece of rope or leather.

TIP: print old photo’s and hang them using tape, place some on a contrasting underground surface like carton or craft paper.


Black-white photographs are powerful because they don’t distract as much. Composition shapes and light become stronger. Printing black-white photographs on grey cardboard paper gives them a soft effect.

Try not to hang all of your photographs but placing some on a bench, or cabinet with a few above on the wall. If you place a photograph on a strong underground (carton) using spray glue try adding a frame in front that is a bit smaller and don’t frame it. Add it as an accessory, leaving it stand in front. It gives the composition a playful look, without over doing it.

on shelf instead of hung

We’re looking to hang some prints and posters here in the new place. I’ve already started on a gallery wall in the hall.

Does this post look familiar? It might if you visited A Creative Mess, my former blog. This post made it onto the ‘keep + move’  list.

Thanks for stopping by to check out my blog. I’m going to go and try and cool off! It’s the hottest day of the year so far and ever recorded in some places. Pfff seriously overheated here. I’m off!