A seasonal shift

That winter - spring thing! It's the seasonal shift from winter to spring and I'm here for it! You can feel the air getting warmer, the light is changing and the spring vibes are running through your veins! 

December aesthetics

      These photos were taken during December for the holiday season (2020). All of these are available for free on Unsplash. Note the flatlay photos from Christmas can be found here.

With a cherry on top.

When I was a little girl I would plead with my father and say 'pretty please with a cherry on top'. I thought it was just a thing the two of us had, but it turned out to be a common way of attractively asking for something. It still gives me warm feelings thinking about it though. I miss him so much :( Mom too. What I'd give to have one more day with them both. Sorry I speak from the heart. I think it I type it. If you follow me on Twitter you're used to it haha.