Cooking with Marley Spoon

We’re avoiding the shops and having groceries delivered. We’ve always been fans of Marley Spoon but had stopped them for awhile. I love cooking with their meal kits. The recipes aren’t dull, the products are fresh and they have a lot of vegetarian meals for me and when I do order something with meat of fish for my boyfriend it’s easy to adapt the recipes so we can both get the nutrients we need.

Food photography is tricky. It’s not just about the camera settings. I don’t think any photography requires as much styling and detail, at least not the same amount. Maybe a good idea for a blog post in the near future.

Though these are photographs of our food, and plated with the photo in mind, it’s still not ‘food photography’ —in the sense that food photography is way harder than this! This is just me trying to up my game and learn more about the dynamics of photographing food –food we’re going to be eating and that we don’t want to waste, or purposefully under cook just to get the shot. The soups get warmed up before serving but we tend to eat these meals not as hot as they should be. Ivo is so patient with me and never complains.

I’m hoping through my styling mistakes that I’ll be more aware and be quicker to get things going in the right direction in the future. When the shops are open again, I know I’ll be visiting more shops that sell dishware & linens! This could make my photography even more expensive.

I’ll be adding as we order more!




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Dinner, Food, Food Photography, Marley Spoon, Meal Kits