Kralingen, Spring 2020

As I can no longer do street photography the way I wanted to for my project at the community college I’ve switched to ‘Travel Photography’. Considering the need to stay indoors unless necessary I’ve decided to photograph in the area where we live. We live in Nieuw Crooswijk, the Kralingen is a short bike ride away. It allows us to get out of the house, bike and take a stroll along the blossom covered streets. I caught the magnolias just in time and am now waiting for the lilacs which are currently budding. They’re one of my favourites so I hope I don’t miss them. They smell like my childhood home and remind me of my mother who passed away in 2004.

I’ve tried capturing the beautiful homes and not only blossoms. I must say that with all this gorgeous weather many people are about and about in their own gardens and I feel uncomfortable taking photographs of peoples homes while they’re standing there haha. I know it’s a 50mm and they’re not in the shot but they don’t know that! Sometimes I circle back casually and still get the shot. The blossoms are with us for such a short time, it’d be a shame to miss them. I’ll be biking Tuesday to check on the lilacs. I’d prefer to go on Easter Sunday or Monday but here in The Netherlands the Monday after Easter is a holiday so I don’t think it will be safe enough to go out. So fingers crossed for Tuesday. The gorgeous lilac tree isn’t in direct sun so I might get lucky.




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