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Layers can be anything. A backdrop, fabric, props, the food itself when it creates a nice texture and so on.

Adding layers to your compositions will give your images texture. Using layers works miracles with flat foods, that don’t have a very distinct texture.


Color Theory

Use colors that work well together. If you have doubts about the color palette, look to the color wheel! You can go for a monochrome scene, complimentary or one of the other palettes.

Using color theory could help you troubleshoot a scene that doesn’t feel right to you. 



Backgrounds, surfaces are an important part of styling. You don’t need to purchase a ton of backgrounds. Sometimes a crate, or drawer all you’ll need, even a piece of fabric, or some baking paper sheets. 

Choose your backgrounds carefully, they shouldn’t distract from your hero subject.



Having props in your scene will help you with the storytelling. They should help tell a story, e.g. a basket with fruit —you’ve just picked the berries. Maybe you purchased them from the online delivery service, but that’s not the story you’re telling. 

Use props that strengthen your story, and make sense for your subject. 



You’re styling is how you tell your visual story.  You’re creating a frame that is conveying a mood, a moment in time. 

Add props, extra ingredients (that are used in the recipe), even the lighting choice helps convey a story.

Take inspiration from seasons, and other themes.




Often we can tell succesful visual stories by using the seasons as our inspiration. Adding autumn leaves, or spring flowers, a garden hat or some pruning shears will help our viewers feel the time of the year. 

A hard light photo with water reelections screams #summervibes.

Joanie Simon, The Bite Shot

Who these days hasn't heard of Joanie? If you haven't you're in for a treat! She's a natural teacher, and will help you to take more visually interesting images! Here I've gathered a few for you that are related to styling, props, backgrounds and tips for troubleshooting your photos.

Some of the videos might have been made for other topics, but they are also helpful for styling tips. Also for example tethering, I've added some tethering videos because tethering is a useful tool in styling food photography. You get to bring the composition to the frame, and view your styling live.

Lauren Caris Short

Lauren (aka That's Sage) has videos that range from editing, capturing motion and much more. Below I've gathered some helpful videos for you to dig into!


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