Things To Do In Rotterdam – One Hour Trip to the Pier in Scheveningen

Things To Do In Rotterdam - One Hour Trip to the Pier in Scheveningen

Who doesn’t want to at least run over the sand and let the waves chase you for a little while? We did and that’s why cloudy or not we took the train, tram and metro to the Pier in Scheveningen, Den Haag. A 1 hour trip from Rotterdam with public transport.

We felt the sand between our toes, let the waves chase us –laughing each time we were splashed and in all we only travelled an hour each way. Our destination was the pier in Scheveningen. 

I don’t think many people from Rotterdam would pick Scheveningen for a trip to the beach. It’s often crowded and often full of tourists. That said we did decide to go for an afternoon. Our staycation is drawing to an end and the weather has been anything but nice the last few days. Hail, rain, wind and grey skies are what we wake up to and fall asleep to. Not so great if you wanted to spend the day at on the sea. 

Places to visit in South HollandA stormy day at the beach can be magical, but we were craving a summers day swim and that wasn’t going to happen. We decided however to go for it. It’s an hour by train + tram. We took the metro home because we simply wanted to but you can travel easily from Rotterdam to The Hague and continue on Tram #9 to the pier. There you are met with some of the ugliest buildings I’ve ever seen (sorry but they are really awful). 

Places to visit in South Holland

No worries though, the sand and sea are what we went for and it managed to stay dry why we were there. Hardly a spot of sun, but we had a great time. We spent most of our time relaxed on the beach at a beach cafe where you order online (not mandatory but the best way to get quick service). The rest of the time we walked along the water and just enjoyed the sound of the waves. For the record neither of us have been to the sea in more than four years, because: reasons.. I grew up in Sonoma, California and drove to the beach often so this was something I really missed. 

Places to visit in South Holland
Places to visit in South Holland
Places to visit in South Holland
Places to visit in South Holland
Places to visit in South Holland

Things to do at the Pier

There is plenty to do there if you want more than just a lounge chair and a stoll along the beach. For the kids there is indoor Funpark –Play & Bounce. For example at Bungy Jump Holland where you can jump €85 (regular jump).

More adventure can be had on the most unique zipline in The Netherlands, that covers a distance of 350 meter from the top of Bungy Tower, with a speed over 70 km/h besides the Ferris wheel, over sea and the beach en stops above the terraces on the Scheveningse Pier. ZIP Hollands website is here.

In September this year the metro from out Rotterdam will stop at Hoek van Holland which is part of Rotterdam. I can’t wait to go, we’ve never been. Since we decided to try life without a car some places have become difficult (Garden centers, home interior shops… ) Luckily for us that more places are becoming easier to travel to wittout having a car! We’re hoping to use the new metro line in October (it is scheduled to open on the 30th of September).

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Scheveningen Pier- Hour trip from Rotterdam

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