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Toujours —French for ‘Always’. A one-page wedding website is a great way to not only celebrate your Save The Date, but also your wedding. 

It highlights the information to make things easier for your guests before your big day. You can also use your website to show your wedding photography (check that your photographer allows this).





I’ll help you personalise your website using colors & imagery to create the perfect look.



I can create for you a semi-custom logo or monograms for added personal touch.



Your wedding website is responsive which means It will look great on every device.



It’s a breeze to upload your own photos, graphics, logos, monograms, art files…you name it.

This can be done in the WordPress back office. No worries if that frightens you —I can do it for you.



You could opt for an RSVP plugin and easily manage all your guests. I’ll show you the options, install it, and you’ll maintain it. There could be extra costs involved depending on your choice of RSVP service.



Email integration. With a self hosted website you will often be allowed multiple email accounts with your domain name. E.g. rsvp@yoursite.com. Whatever email you use I can help you integrate it.

Want this website? Questions?

If you’ve looked over the information and are interested in this concept let me know. Let’s see if my schedule works for you. We can discuss the options you have, and together we can discover if we’re a match. 

Once there’s a mutual agreement I’ll place your project in my queue. You’ll receive a timeline & info. on what to expect from me as well as a detailed form for your information that I’ll need going further. 

I install and configure the theme for you. I will also set up your contact form and add your imagery and body text. I’ll also help create any needed graphics. I’ll resize your images and optimize them for optimal performance. 

I can always make changes to your site should it be necessary. I’ll also keep it updated. If you have your own hosting you are responsible for the billing & admin from your hosting provider.

Toujours is a WordPress theme for a self hosted website. The theme will become yours after purchase to do with as you like.

The theme used for Toujours is called Stockholm and there are many possibilities for repurposing it.

You’ll be responsible for updating the site once we’ve rounded off our project. This date will be discussed in the first phase of our discussions.

If you’ve opted for a sub-domain you won’t need to purchase a theme, you will use mine. This is the reason the costs are significantly lower than for a self hosted website.

It’s part of my Pay it Forward project so the work is free. You’ll however need to pay for the theme licence and if needed hosting. This theme is *$90.00. There is also a **fee of €25.00 for unseen costs.

The ***price is less if you use my hosting with a subdomain. 

e.g. www.yoursite.visualstories.nl 

instead of www.yoursite.com

A theme licence if you’re opting for self-hosting.

Domain Registration: Before you begin, you need to purchase a domain name (i.e. www.yoursite.com). 

Web Hosting: Most hosting companies include a domain with the purchase of a hosting service. The advantage is your domain and hosting are both in the same place.

Opted for a subdomain? Then you won’t need to register a domain name. The hosting fee will be based off your needs. E.g. how long you’ll need the site and how much data it will contain.

* the price of the theme at the time of this publishing.

** there are unseen costs e.g. my hosting & my Adobe subscriptions so that I can create these projects.

*** I can host your website. The costs will depend on your needs, I’ll remain the owner of the theme, you’ll get to use it. Your link will be a subdomain and contain my website url.

“When you learn, teach. When you get, give.” — Maya Angelou