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In my last post for photography 101 I said I had an announcement! It may not seem like a big deal to those of you that aren’t that familiar with Unsplash but for me it’s world news! Well, ok not that big but it means a lot to me and that is what counts. I’ve been made a team leader in the Unsplash Photo Club! Unsplash has had a Photo Club for just over a year now. I’ve since then become a big participant. Well now they are expanding the club, and have extended an invitation to their wider community to join in and get creative! I’m so excited to be a part of this! #happydance

what are unsplash photo clubs?

Unsplash Photo Clubs are community-led, Unsplash supported groups for contributors to connect with other contributors to get inspired by monthly photo prompts. There are benefits for contributors. They include:

wanna join a Photo Club?

There are currently 5 Photo Club groups, each with a different monthly theme. You can join as many of these groups as you like, taking part in what excites and interests you personally. To join, simply click the slack channel link & each theme will have a unique submit link.

Read more on the official Unsplash Blog where you’ll also find the links for joining and submitting photos.

unfamiliar with Unsplash?

then read up.

Are you not familiar with Unsplash? Then make sure you read up on it before submitting photos. Unsplash is where you GIVE YOUR PHOTOS AWAY —for free. I share what I see, and give away what I make (hence the FREEBIE SHOP). It’s my personal choice to do so. I advise you to get informed before taking part. That said the community is amazing!

here are some of my submissions for February's themes so far.

Self Portrait, led by the talented Toa Heftiba

Valentine’s Day Flat Lay / Still Life (led by me!)

I’ll be writing my photography 101 posts for the time being while focusing on my groups theme. I’m thinking of doing Product Photography next month. What do you think? Interesting subject for stock photography?


Thanks for stopping by! If you have any questions about my experience contributing to Unsplash let me know. I’d love to share.

Outside there’s a snow storm so I’ll definitely be trying to get some snow pics in the coming days! Wish me luck!

Thanks for stopping by and inspiring me to keep on blogging!



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