vt wonen&design beurs 2018 part one || Flexa Style House

vt wonen&design beurs 2018 part one || Flexa Style House

Here are some photographs from the vt wonen&design beurs (home design expo from vtwonen.nl). We went yesterday and had a great time. This week I’ll be posting about what we saw, including some color palettes and interior trends.

I’ve got a lot of photographs to edit and this year I started with Flexa.


The Flexa styled home had five rooms, each styled by Dutch blogging influencers:

The focus houses all had palettes using the Flexa color of the Year, 2019 ‘Spiced Honey’ in the spotlight. You can read more about the color palettes from Flexa here.


Here are the photographs I took. Below you’ll find photo’s of the mini houses that were on display. They were exquisite! The details were incredible –right down to the books and newspapers!


Mini Houses From Flexa

In the last photo of this slide I uploaded to Instagram here you can get an idea of how large the display boxes were. These are teensy-weensy houses!


If you’re still planning on going don’t miss the Flexa Styled Home and remember to take home a paint tester from the Creations Collection ♥ –oh, have fun too! Veel plezier dus 😉


XoXo, Micheile

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