vt wonen&design beurs || the vtwonen style house

vt wonen&design beurs || the vtwonen style house

vtwonen is not only a popular Dutch interior & design magazine, they pretty much dominate *all things interior* here in The Netherlands. With multiple TV series dedicated to interior decorating, a beach house ‘Ajuma‘, an online shop, their own product line –including a paint collection they are without a doubt the most talked about interior design name here. Next to all of that they also have the vt wonen&design beurs (formerly Woonbeurs). The home and design expo has many brands, designers, retailers and interior design magazine vendors. You can obtain information on products, services and interior advice from some of the best designers and stylists.

vtwonen bathroom

For my daughter and me, it’s an annual day trip. With the exception of 2017 we’ve been attending for since 2008 (?!). We started going as public visitors, have been invited as press because I used to blog on Vintage Rose Brocante about home & garden. Now we’re returning again as general public, because we really like going! Two years ago we went together with my boyfriend and made it a family occasion. There is enough to see and do. Hip cafes, food-trucks and a DJ in the main hall. Everything is styled and reflects the latest trends in interior design. The cafes have really great food –and we found some carrot cake… our feet needed a break so we found ourselves doing quite a bit of food tasting 😉

We have each year some predictions , you could say expectations as well. The two of us are always in tune with the newest trends in design and colors so we’re more interested in seeing the styling and products as opposed to the trends. The vtwonen style house and Ariadne at Home are two we always look forward to. We miss 101 Woonideeën (101 home ideas) BIG TIME! The Flexa style house has in the last few years become one of our favorites, I blogged about it earlier this week.


Two looks in this years styled home; romantic and classic. Reoccurring colors were nudes, pinks, black and golds. Materials and textures that were reappearing throughout the rooms were ceramic, black steel, glass, wood, velvet, woven products, and dried flowers. The dried flowers make for lovely styled details but I never want them in my home again –I remember the 90’s and those dried flowers getting dusty, making a mess. Unless it’s a dried out Angelica I don’t think you’ll find any dried flowers ever again in my home. That said, they did look beautiful in the vtwonen home!

Note: Angelica in Dutch has several names and I get confused as to what to call it. It is referred to as Engelwortel, and here in Twente I hear people call it Berenklauw.

Here is a photo from inside the Ariadne at Home styled home of dried Angelica.

Today I’m going to share pictures and thoughts from the vtwonen style home. We really liked it, we expected a lot and were pleased with what we saw.

vtwonen bathroom


wooden doors along wall ♥
a touch of romance with flowers and shades of pink

The Children’s Room

Romantic with vintage accessories set the mood for this adorable children’s bedroom. I personally love the color combination.
The table was set for a birthday party and vtwonen has made the invitations available as
a free download on their website.

Go here, and click on Downloaden maar Uitnodigen (invitation), Kleurplat (coloring page) or Tafelkaartjes (Table Cards).


Visual Story

The rest of my photographs from the vtwonen style house.


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