Hello, and welcome, I’m Micheile which looks way more complicated than it is. You simply pronounce it Mee-Shell. I’m a photography enthusiast that gives almost all of her photos away for free. I’ve already given away almost 2 million photos! I’m happy you’re here so I can share with you my process and journey into the magical world of light.

Photography is a way of expressing myself. I’m always chasing light. Photography allows me to tap into my creativity —to create, capture and tell visual stories. I love many different genres of photography; from street photography to product photography. My personal favorite, is still life & food photography. I’m always trying to up my game and learn more. It’s an incredible journey to be on, and I’m glad I can share it with you.

You can follow me on my journey to take better photographs on my Blog.

On my blog you can follow my progress, find out about new freebies, and read my tutorials.