Why Rotterdam? Because, It Feels Like Home

Why Rotterdam?

Erasmusbrug Watercolour

Six months ago, Ivo & I came to Rotterdam. Fast forward to now, and we’ve fallen in love with the city, we’re browsing property listings, and call Rotterdam our home. I’ve gotten to know it so well, though it’s full of surprises.

When people ask me “Why Rotterdam?”, all I can really say is because when I look out my window and see it, it makes me happy. Because my daily errands are more beautiful. Because I can ride my bike over the Erasmusbrug. Because when I’m surrounded by trams, tall buildings boats, canals, shops and cafes, I am, it seems, a little lighter. And I am not, by nature, light. I’m, if left to my own devices, an anxious person. And while I subscribe to the old proverb, “It’s not where you are, it’s who you are”, I do find where I am can be the ‘cherry on top’, provided I’m doing well. And I’m doing well.

Given the wrong mindset, I could be miserable in Rotterdam or in paradise. We all could. But given that I am, on the whole these days, content & ever striving towards a reasonable assessment of the fear & sense of urgency that plague me regardless of circumstance, I find myself generally happy here in our seventh floor flat come heatwave or snow, both of which which we’ve experienced here. I prefer the summer days with terraces, recreation boating and ice cream while walking along the Rotte. The mosquito’s prefer me.

A city, I think, is a mirror. If you’re young and wild, that’s what you’ll see. If you’re old and stodgy, it will meet you there as well. If you’re like me and neither, there’s that too.

Kralingse Plas, Kralingen, Rotterdam

I spend most of my time in the neighbourhood of the Kralingen where we live only a few minutes by bike.

Vijverweg, Kralingen, Rotterdam

Vijverweg, Kralingen, Rotterdam

If you follow me on Instagram you’ve seen the photos from the Arboretum and all it’s botanical bliss! Some days I spend in the Laurenskwartier either brainstorming in a cafe or admittedly people watching. I rarely adventure to the south side, though I’ve nothing against it. We’ll explore more, and as we do I’ll share my experiences of our life here in Rotterdam with you in the form of visual stories. There is so much to do here, I can’t imagine ever getting bored. In now, our first summer we’re planning boat trips with friends and family.

Hotel New York, Rotterdam

My favourite moments have been spent tucked in some cosy cafe, restaurant or bistro alone or with my boyfriend, biking along or over the Nieuwe Maas, losing track of time in the botanical gardens of Trompenburg Arboretum, finding myself near the Witte Huis and glimpsing it without stopping while biking past for an appointment, the magic hour when the water shimmers as the water-taxis zip back and forth across the river, my morning moments with Ivo, watching the sail boats from out our living room window, biking to the grocery store that’s not the closest but takes me along the Kralingse Plas, buying flowers at the corner floral cart and the view of the brilliant skyline framed by our bedroom window.

So why Rotterdam? Haha, because it makes me feel happy, –makes us feel happy. It feels like home.


Some of the places I'll tell you about here. My 010 faves.

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