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Winter Storytelling

Yesterday I went out to do some Christmas decorating shopping and wow! It was warm outside. The last time that I had been out it had been cold, and as a result I had really cold hands that needed gloves! However yesterday that wasn’t the case so I must of looked a bit silly leaving the building with my bike all bundled up for a winters day! 

Our first Christmas in Rotterdam! 

We moved here last year on New Years Eve, and the most Christmas thing we did was Christmas dinner, out in a restaurant in Enschede. Because at home everything was in boxes and we were just days away from moving and this time last year we didn’t have a place yet. Looking back I find myself amazed at how much we did in such a short period. I can imagine ever being that busy again. And in the last six weeks of those two months we moved my in-laws, my daughter, and ourselves in a period of six weeks. Ivo found new employment, we found a new home in a city where there is a housing shortage and we relocated in just two months.

Let's celebrate!

I think what we’ve accomplished is worth celebrating! I haven’t felt so good in as far as I can remember —like forever!?

I’m going to be celebrating with you all by giving away as many printables, discounts for shopping and stock photos as I can possibly add to the site in these next few weeks, and onward into 2020!

I’m starting with these Winter Storytelling printables. Last night I was able to complete six 5×7 cards/posters and they are now available —as always for free! 



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winter storytelling card / poster set

You can find all of these in the shop. If you’d like to have one personalized with another text, or have the text removed, let me know and I’ll see if I can be of help! 

Joy! Joy! Joy!

coming soon forest letters for place settings!

#4 deer with bird has two versions

Thanks for stopping by and please don’t forget to check in on my Instagram and blog in the coming weeks for some more goodies!


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