Yellow Aesthetic Color Inspiration

Yellow Aesthetic

Yellow is the most luminous of all the colors of the spectrum. It’s said that yellow captures our attention more than any other color.

In the natural world, it is the color of many flowers, such as daffodils, sunflowers and roses. Many fruits, such as lemons and bananas. Common in insects, birds, and the bees.  

It’s the color of symbolizes happiness, and optimism, enlightenment, sunshine, and spring.

How do you use yellow?

Yellow has always been one of my least favorite colors. I don’t hate it, in fact I think it’s gorgeous. You won’t however see my buying yellow clothing, I don’t like it with my complexion and hair color. I don’t want a yellow car, or a yellow suitcase, that said we have a yellow couch. It’s up against a gorgeous green leaf wallpaper, and the contrast is lovely. It’s an incredible accent color, one I don’t use enough. What about you? Do you use the color yellow, and if so how?  

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